Exquisite consequences

Exquisite consequences

Exquisite corpse was a method perfected by the surrealists whereby a number of artists would draw parts of a body in sequence, without seeing what the others had done until the end.

consequence: something that happens as a result of a particular action or set of conditions

Exquisite consequences is the outcome of 1 designer and 4 groups of 4 writers constructing 4 textual bodies within a limited time frame and according to a specific 12-part sequence.

Each body hangs on this sequence. The first writers in each group commence. The designer then circulates an email; each writer is given only the last line of what was written before, until all 12 parts of the sequence are complete.

The designer acts as a surgical post-office, receiving the texts and recycling part of each new growth to piece together the beautiful monsters of our social artistic relation.

The results are unforeseen narratives, with the overriding element being chance.


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design Ella Sutherland